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On-demand workspace solution

The UnCube is designed for work productivity for both individual and group workspace requirements anywhere, anytime.


We bring to you on your fingertips an array of inspiring places to choose from with a variety of amenities to suit your budget.

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Stay online through high-speed wifi enabling connectivity for all users at our locations.

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Break the monotony of your work space and avail a unique user specific experience.

Discounts and Offers

Enjoy select discounts and offers at UnCube locations.


What is The UnCube?

The UnCube is a workspace collective matching the user’s requirement for on-demand workspace for meetings, events, or just to work individually.


What is the difference between co-working offices and The UnCube?

Going beyond coworking spaces, The Uncube offers a network of work environments at key nodes in the city making them easily accessible. The price affordability without any membership fee makes it a flexible option.


F&B spaces are usually loud and not suited for work. How will that enable me to focus?

The Uncube spaces are curated to unleash your creativity and help you work better. Be it in a café or a hotel, the Uncube helsp you choose a space based on what you are looking for.

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The Uncube offers freedom to work from anywhere, anytime and gives me the flexibility to work in engaging environments of my choice, on the go. An ideal place for me to book spaces for my meetings or to work out of a cafe.

Varun Kumar, Entrepreneur.

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