The Benefits Of Coworking Spaces From Hotels

For the new age professionals, coworking spaces are nothing new, however, they have become widely popular as more and more people seek location independent professions. Even the start-up community, which likes to build up their business on the move, is partially responsible for the rising popularity of coworking spaces. We at The UnCube realize that remote workers seem to like to co-work from hotels as they provide the much-needed freedom from the conventional 9 to 5 grind and apart from that also has the resources and staff to provide an ultra-hospitable work environment with numerous amenities and facilities.

Hotels as viable coworking spaces are very popular in our community. We at The UnCube get deeper inside this co-working pattern to bring you 6 reasons why hotels are such popular co-working destinations.


The traditional office setting and the 9 to 5 shift is gradually fading away from existence, mainly due to the fact that every day, more and more new age professionals are taking the jump towards co-working remotely from their favourite spots. Many hotels already had business centres and meeting rooms to cater to people who were working on the go. But now, with the increased popularity of co-working spaces and co-working in general, hotels all over the world have started to align their services and their infrastructure to attract and bring in more remote workers by providing them with new and exciting places to work.


Compared to other types of coworking spaces, such as coffee shops and bars, hotels provide much greater solitude and fewer distractions. With coffee shops and bars, people are constantly coming in or going out which can make concentrating on the job at hand difficult. With co-working hotels, you can seek out a corner free from all distractions and power through any project without worrying or being distracted by who’s coming and going.


For new age professionals and digital nomads, co-working from hotels hits two birds with one stone. Coworking spaces hotels can be isolated and sociable at the same time. If you’re seeking isolation, you can easily find a less populated corner or space and if you want to interact and socialize then the hotel lobby presents a fine opportunity. Additionally, it offers far greater avenues to network with the guests, other fellow co-workers, mentors, and corporates from the higher echelons.


Co-working hotels are very popular among the millennial workforce. They alone are a significant influencing demographic for co-working spaces. The change in the scenery and the collaborative atmosphere of co-working hotels is very appealing to millennials, making such hotels a great place for them to work.


Coworking hotels provide a nice and calm ambience which helps remote workers to feel more inspired and helps concentrate better while providing more opportunities to interact and collaborate. Co-working hotels offer remote workers a thriving place to work, where they can get down to their businesses, while also enjoying the many tops of the line services, amenities, and facilities of the hotel itself.

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What Makes Coffee Shops Such Good Coworking Space

Working in a traditional office setting involves many little nuances which if left unchecked can be disastrous for your business. Well guess what many new age entrepreneurs and freelancers feel the same way and because of this, the trend of remote working from coworking space was born. It is a widely popular working trend all over the world which delivers professionals the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime.

To support this trend, every day, more and more coworking spaces are popping up everywhere. But we at the UnCube have realized an interesting pattern amongst our community. Among all the various types of coworking spaces available nowadays, coffee shops seem the most popular choice. Let us find out why.

More Output

The great thing about any coworking space, especially coffee shops is that it allows remote workers to get down to business right from the moment they open up their laptops. When you get settled at your workstation at your favourite café, the rest of the world becomes a distant memory and fuelled by multiple cups of coffee, remote workers can deeply concentrate on their work.

A Scenic Change

Co-working from coffee houses can provide a much-needed change in scenery for professionals opting for a co-working space. A scenic change can prove to be very helpful for professionals who are stuck in a rut in terms of their work and need to freshen up their body, mind, and soul and get their creative juices flowing again.

Socialization More Networking

Remote workers who chose to work from their homes will eventually feel like being in solitary confinement. The socializing aspect is missing is such scenarios. But remote working from co-working coffee shops offers remote workers the ability and numerous opportunities to interact with fellow remote workers as well as other people to stave off feelings of isolation.

Better Collaborative Opportunities

Along the same lines of having more opportunities to interact, co-working from coffee shops also allows remote workers the ability to swap leads, advice, and strategies amongst fellow other co-workers. Co-working from coffee shops also allow remote workers to get second opinions and maybe even another set of eyes on challenging tasks or projects.


Last but not the least, what do coffee shops have an abundance of? Yes, its caffeine, many different kinds of it in fact. With an almost infinite source of caffeine, your creative juices are bound to be overflowing left and right and help you to keep on going full steam ahead.

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