Get Your Workspace: Happy Work Hours Begins – Monkey Bar in Delhi

We understand that too much work can bring your spirit low and if you have to work the weekends to top it all, it can get tiring! The Uncube brings to you an exciting offer – one like never before – where your spirit to work shall soar as high as you wish. How do you ask? We provide you with a workspace right inside the Monkey Bar in Delhi and it is as simple as it sounds.

The Uncube is partnered with a number of happening restaurants, bars and cafes in and around the city of Delhi. Our motto is to lend an affordable cum comfortable workspace to the growing needs of the flexible working lifestyle of the millennials. And, so far, the response has been overwhelming, which only makes us want to find you the best workspace to suit your working style without digging deep into your pocket.

The Monkey Bar in Delhi is one of our best picks for those who like to keep their work spirit ‘high’. Amidst the quaint lanes of Vasant Kunj, the bar stands out with its modern urban architecture lending you with an eye-pleasing view of the greens around and the fun-frolic spirit of South Delhi.

The Uncube believes that your weekend should not go to waste after a long tiring day and being stuck in the traffic to rush to your party place is the last thing one would desire. Well, bring your party right where you work at the Monkey Bar in Delhi with us and allow us to take you on joyride combined with work and lots of FUN!

The Bar offers you fine-dining, invigorating cocktails and savoury bar food to encourage your work spirit. The Uncube partnered with Monkey Bar in Delhi strives to make your work experience more enjoyable and fun. Get in touch with us on +918766224490. You can also log in to our website to choose your desired seat to make your work experience a pleasant and comfortable one.




Coworking at The Workspace –Dirty-Apron-By-The-Piano

Coworking at the workspace is fast becoming the new normal. All around the world, companies and freelancers are foregoing traditional office space in favour of flexible, comfortable and well-appointed Coworking facilities. It’s hasn’t even been half-hour since you arrived at your workplace and you find yourself surrounded by all sorts of chatter, overloaded with work and constant commands from your seniors and all sorts of jazz that you wish you could get rid of while working. The Uncube has a remedy for you which involves jazz, but the kind of jazz that creates a vibrant and energetic environment to get your work-mode on at the Dirty-Apron-by-the-Piano-Man!

At the Uncube, we provide you with inspiring workspace destinations of your choice from our selected nearby bars, restaurants and cafés in New Delhi. If you’re wondering if this means you could set-up your workstation at a café, restaurants or bar you always wished to work from, then you are on the same page with us. One of our finest and most high-rated independent Coworking at the workspace experiences is the Dirty Apron by the Piano Man in New Delhi and our happy customers say it’s a work experience like never before!

The Dirty Apron is your ideal world-cuisine destination while the Piano Man is your ideal relaxation and musical destination. We at the Uncube believe that the combination of two is what our Millenials need while at work. The place lends you a friendly vibe to network with other independent workers or business person. The delectable food on the menu at the Dirty apron is sure to cure your hunger-pangs on that long day of work.

The Piano Man which is one deck below is another getaway for you, to unwind yourself with scintillating and soothing live jazz performances by renowned artists from Delhi. If you are someone who is always struggling your way to reach your weekend party place, we suggest, you call your friends over after you finish working and celebrate the night away.

We provide you with a workspace of your choice with all the comfort you need and an attentive staff that is always one shout-out away to cater to your needs. We are all set to reform your daily work-hassle into a happy and carefree work experience, are you? Don’t miss the opportunity to rediscover your work calibre. Call us now to book your seat or log in to our website to choose your ideal workspace destination.

Come join the Uncube’s growing family and enjoy the luxury of working “at your convenience” at the Dirty-Apron by the Piano Man.