what is uncube

We are a ‘workspace collective’ outdoing the strict rigid environs of a conventional workspace set up, suited to the new age digital professionals’ need for flexibility, on the go requirements bringing in wide networking opportunities. Being an on-demand workplace solution, Uncube opens horizons for creative feasibility for individuals and group workspace requirements. Whether you are looking for a place to work or just unwind at your own pace, we bring to you on your fingertips an array of inspiring places to choose from.

Hate traffic?

Work from a space near you.

Hate rigid environs of a commercial space?

Work from a lively bar.

Losing out on time with friends and stuck at work?

Work from the Uncube space and invite friends after work hours right there.

In a different city with no office space?

Conduct meetings at our private space solution.

Internet Connectivity issues?

Access high-speed wifi at all Uncube locations.

A new-fangled approach to a collaborative working style – Uncube: Creating a movement - reforming the way you work.